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So no one told you the new normal life was going to be this way! (clap clap clap)

Jokes apart, we know that contrary to popular belief, teachers do not have an unending source of motivation in them. The past year has been particularly hard. Share your stories and "Happygrams" - incidents from your life, keepsakes from your classrooms, anything and everything that makes your chosen profession worthwhile.

Everyday on Happygrams is Teacher's Day :)

Keerthana liked a year ago
ZA Memon English School had their Storytelling session today and I LOVED it! Telling stories to children brings me so much joy! This is a moment from A Silly Story of Bondapalli!
Found this and it made me laugh!
Manju liked a year ago
What a lovely session! Don't miss the next one!
Aruna liked a year ago
Cath-ART-Sis was quite cathartic :)