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Writing Release
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Unleash your creativity here! Are you a closet poet? An experimental chef? A budding author with worlds tucked away? This is your space to share away!

Swetha replied a year ago
Weekend Writing

Weekend Writing - Prompt #1 - The Seed of Joy

Congratulations! We now have 10 members on this group! And as a reward, as promised here is your prompt for the weekend (or week, or month, or year - there's no deadline!).


Feel free to express... (More)

I didn't know there was a blog part of Club1BR. But I found this article there and really felt connected to the writer...

Weekend Writing

We are almost ready to begin with our Weekend Writing! Once the group reaches 10 teachers, the prompt will be shared!

If you know a closet writer who NEEDS to be part of this group, get them to... (More)

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Suchitra Vijay
Communication Manager
Nature Rebounds What was intended as a sanctuary Is now just a glorified prison What was supposed to protect Is now acting as a restraint What we considered essentials once Are now proven to be luxuries Even those that are... (More)