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Sapna Agrawal
Learning Each Day Matters
Asked a question 9 months ago

Why do Children like to study from a particular teacher, Share your reasons and help others grow.....

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Sapna Agrawal
Learning Each Day Matters
  1. They like the person
  2. They feel Happy & Connected
  3. They feel Valued
  4. The person gives them a lot of opportunities
  5. The teacher is not biased
  6. The teachers knows how to be firm when needed
  7. They feel their time is being well utilised
  8. They get easy tactics to learn, grow & exhibit
  9. so many more..........
Susan J
English Teacher - Class 4 and 5

I believe it's very important for a Teacher to be open and welcoming, first and foremost. I used to use a rolling system of getting my children to read out loud so that every child got individual attention in terms of pronunciation and delivery. With online classes, I've modified that to put a "Spotlight" on each child who is reading. I think it's very important to give quality attention in the classroom. I also talk to my children about things outside the curriculum and school environment. Right now, the hot topic in my classes is Covid, but I try to get them to talk about other things as well. As a result, at the end of my class, it takes me a couple of tries to get them to leave for their next class! A lot of them want to continue talking!

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